Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thoughts on Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of our textbook covers the many definitions of public relations. I really like that they explain clearly why public relations is not just publicity and should not have such a negative connotation. This chapter also covers the Hunt-Grunig Models of Public Relations, which shows the many different methods of PR that practitioners can take. I agree with the majority in the survey; I would emphasize the two-way symmetrical model also.
I like that the book chooses to define advertising, marketing, and public relations side-by-side because I was a little unclear about the difference. Public relations rely on values more than other branches because that is a lot of what practitioners deal with. They deal with the public (and others who interact with the company) and present the values of the company and how it is following them.
The four-step process that is used in public relations is a necessary cycle. I agree with the book when the authors state that the process is not linear. Each step can be repeated and they do not always go in the traditional order. The idea that values affect each step and are the basis of the entire process is an interesting one to consider because it may not always come to mind first.
In general, I agree with the book and find it has explained the current, always changing definition of public relations.

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