Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chapter 2

I really enjoyed reading this chapter because I wanted to know more about the different job duties there would be in a public relations job. After reading that, I realized that my internship I did last fall exposed me to a lot of public relations duties for a non-profit organization (it was at the Foundation for the Oconee Medical Center). At first, I didn't even want that internship because I have no desire to work in health communications but actually it was a lot of public relations and I ended up enjoying it. Now I realize that it is more helpful than I thought. It especially showed me the types of job I will probably be doing at the entry level.
I find the concept of boundary spanning to be really interesting. The idea that PR practitioners act for the good of their relationships to the public expands the definition of public relations and helps explain the importance of a PR practitioner's job. The book then goes on to point out that there are multiple relationships and multiple publics transforming the job to "intersection manager."
The other part of this blog post is to search for PR jobs and see the actual job skills that employers want. The first place I looked was PR Week US in the jobs section.
Here's one of the more thorough descriptions I found for a director of public relations for Columbia College Chicago: link
It seemed to combine many of the attributes mentioned in other ads. Many companies require good communication skills, experience with press releases, and several mentioned working with the blogging/social media community. I also saw words/phrases like "high-energy" used to describe the wanted job applicant. Many of the jobs I saw posted on this site required a lot of experience, usually 10+. So I searched for entry level jobs on CollegeGrad Jobs. The jobs posted on here seemed to be much more varied when I searched for PR jobs. Many were called "account managers" or had something to do with sales. It was interesting to look at the types of jobs I will be getting in a couple of years to start off my career.

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